Frequently Asked Questions

For visitors

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Yes. There is a public car park, ALBERTINE which provides direct access to the SQUARE.

NO. You have to check with the event organizer to see if they make free parking tickets or reduced price tickets available during the event. In which case they will distribute them directly and not through us.

YES. Most of the time our wifi can be accessed within SQUARE buildings and rooms. Sometimes the event organizer will deploy an additional access for specific needs.

LAN connections are only available in working spaces and studios.

NO. SQUARE is not a museum or a public building you can visit freely.

Although its central location in the heart of Brussels makes it an ideal spot for taking pictures and using restrooms, we do not grant access outside of the planned events.

We have dedicated entrances for people with mobility disabilities (rue Ravenstein and the Cube entrance). From there you will be able to use an elevator and gain access to the rest of the facility.

If you need to plan your visit, a detailed floorplan is available here (TBD).

YES. We have a lot of restrooms for visitors, they’re spread out on various floors and close to all rooms & spaces. Follow the signage to find the closest one or ask any of our staff.

Most restrooms have an accessible toilet with a larger door, special handles and extra space.
We do not have baby changing tables or showers.

You have to check with the event organizer first.
Our security personnel will only ask credentials or authorizations for crew or individual who show up with professional equipment (tripods, lighting, cables, …) or if media coverage has been limited by the organizer.

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Directives sanitaires et de sécurité

Chère Communauté,

Nous avons mis en place des protocoles et dispositions extraordinaires afin de répondre au plus près aux conditions spécifiques découlant de la crise sanitaire liée au Covid-19.

Notre principale priorité : vous permettre d’organiser votre événement dans nos locaux et accueillir à nouveau exposants, participants et délégués dans des conditions de sécurité sanitaire optimales.

A cette fin, GL events a élaboré des “Directives sanitaires et de sécurité” qui s’appliquent aux 50 sites du groupe dans le monde. Elles s’articulent autour de 3 points clés :

1. Adaptation de nos sites
2. Des mesures renforcées tout au long de votre événement
3. Surveillance et supervision à chaque endroit

Veuillez lire l’ensemble des mesures en téléchargeant notre guide Sanitary guidelines 2020.