Brussels Meeting Centre

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  • Marco Breugelmans

    Visual Communication Director
  • Olga Drossart

    Visual Communication Assistant
  • Loïc van Innis

    Project Manager
  • Jeremy Mingers

    Audio Visual Coordinator
  • Charlotte Withofs

    Communication and Business Development Director
  • Véronique Clarebout

    CEO Assistant
  • Eva Stefanovic

    Sales Manager
  • Ariane Deguelle

  • Christophe Correa

    ICT Manager
  • Eric Dubois

    Exhibitor Advisor
  • Sébastien Vandenbussche

    ICT Coordinator
  • Jeremy Fonteyn

    Sales Manager
  • Anthony Manigot

    Finance and Administration Manager
  • Raphael Hubert

    Security Team Leader SQUARE
  • Joël De Jonck

    Security Advisor SQUARE
  • Kader Saidada Abdel

    Logistics and delivery coordinator
  • Virginia Lopez Cojo

    Food and Beverage Manager
  • Antony Jean-Mertens

    Strategy & Business Development Director
  • Dominique Meurant

    Building, Maintenance and Security Director
  • Thibaut Roba

    Audio Visual Manager
  • Jérôme Boesch

    Sales Manager
  • Charles-Alexandre Lachapelle

    Project Manager
  • Qi Liu

    Communication and Business Development Assistant
  • Daniel Séverin

    Food & Beverage Manager
  • Ali Hamdi

    Operational Food and Beverage Coordinator
  • Samia Chelly

    HR Manager
  • Anne Seldeslachts

    Project Team Manager
  • Peter Neirynck

    Event Operations Director

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